I have fans! (Who would have thunk it?)

(Psst, Xella told me to write this..) If you have any fan art then Thank yoooouu! And please send it here. Just remove the "remove", obviously.

(Now organised in alphabetical artist order)

++ Annarti
+ WR! Kaos ^^ So adoreable!

++ Becki
+ Everyone's favourite Hell Minion, Ebil (looking a little shocked)

++ Cat
+ Coooooot little Ebil! *avoids being zapped*

++ Chaka
+ The image from my first layout. I loved it, and still do, thank you.

++ Dave
+ Sallie in Black and White (Ultra special first ever fan art!)

+ Awww! Death never looked so cute!
+ It's Laney and Death fighting over Death's Scythe

++ Girl on the Moon
+ oooh... Such a cool picture of Sallie! Looking all moody *^^*

++ Grimmhooke
+ Sallie looking incredibly cool *^^* The eyes~ you love the eyes

++ Katie
+ An cute little Super Deformed versions of Sallie, Death and Ebil!
+ *Giggles* Oh my.. Katie is insane (and we like that) you have to see this to believe it XD
+ Because we know that Sallie likes to wear knickers on her head...

++ Kerry
+ Sallie looking damn kewl and Ebil!
+ Another B&W piccie of Sallie and Ebil

++ Krysten
+ Ebil and Evil because they're just too cute XD;

++ Maki
+ Sallie being just oh so evil X)

++ Meredith
+ *drools* My little Monochrome Bishi Boy,Death XD

++ Mel
+ She obviously liked her cameo, because she made little minis for me! XD Mini Death, Mini Sallie, Mini Becki and a Mini Mel!
+ XD Chibi heads of the WR cast!
+ Voodoo trickery *falls over*
+ Aww.. iccle Chibi Sallie and Deathy It's so squeeworthy X)

++ Nikki
+ The hunter stalks his unsuspecting prey...

++ Orca
+ A Christmas present from Ebil's self acclaimed biggest fan. A Christmas Ebil
+ More Madness... XD This is just weirdness (and it rules XD)
+ Ebil's self proclaimed biggest fan meets the furry Minion of Hell...

++ Owen
+ Mmm... Cakes - the Movie poster XD Owen purely rocks (Biiiig file)

++ Peefy
+ Evil's naked, oh so naked =3

++ Pookie
+ Evil just likes taking his pants off... Death doesn't like it though

++ Rini
+ Sallie, Death and Ebil looking all groovy (Shiny pants XD)
+ Monochrome Sallie... Looking pretty, and serious for once Oo;
+ When Shit Happens...

++ ShipperPrincess
+ Aww! Chibi Death looking all bemused

++ Xella
+ CG of Sallie and Death (I likes muchly)
+ Death looking absolutely sexiness oy.. *melts*
+ Yay! Sallie! Looking all hyper and usual XD
+ Oh my.. *drool* Xella has gone and draw Ebil in Bishi form.. (It's a damn must see! And a Must praise Xella forever for)

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