The (Apparently) Frequently asked Questions

Q. You can't draw! Your eyes are crappy! What the hell are those bananas you call hands? The sizes change in every frame! It just sucks! You cannot spell for toffee! I'm gonna pelt you with rubbish!

A. I know. Great innit? ^_^ Well as it happens I am slowly improving, so maybe one day you won't think that... Spelling is also improving as I'm being careful.. but I am a dumbass so just live with the occasional bad spelling, kay? XD You throw rubbish all you want I'm hungry.

Q. Death? What kind of name is that?

A. A good one considering he's the personification of it. And yes, Evil is also the personification of Evil.

This does not mean anything you think it will so there. It just means they live so those things will happen.

Q. When is this comic updated?

A. Apparently every Thursday, Sunday and Monday at midnight GMT. But really.. whenever I can do it :P

Q. How do you do your comic?

A. I draw it. Silly people.

Q. I meant what medium is it?

A. I knew that... I just sketch it, ink it, scan it, colour it lazily via pooter and adjust it. Takes about.. a day in all if I'm having a good day. Nope I dunno why it takes that long either.

(Okay, I'm slow, what do you want?)

Q. It takes that long? But they're crap!

A. I know, we established that.

Q. Where did you come up with these characters?

A. In the bath.

Actually most of them are based loosely on people I know. But not enough so I can get sued ^_^

Q. You're not funny.

A. Never mind, I amuse myself. And at the end of the day, isn't that what counts?

Q. Why does the format keep changing?

A. Because I'm experimenting to see what looks best. Deal with it.

We seems to be a PC coloured comic now, so you won't have to worry about it changing again. It may be black and white occasionally when I have no time to colour it, sorry ^^

Q. Are you really going to do another webcomic even though you can't keep this one up?

A. Yes.

Q. I like Pie.

A. Me too.

Q. Can I send in fanart?

A. Yes, and I would love you forever.

Q. Can I dance around naked while reading this comic?

A. If you like...

Q. Where's the comic?!

A. Search me. Okay sometimes I'm lazy/sick/taking over Belgium and can't do the comic. What can I tell ya? I'm an ass. Sorry.

Q. You didn't answer my email.

A. Didn't I? Sorry... I suck. I'm trying, I swear, I just get a ton of spam on this email address.

Q. Why are most of the FAQ not questions, but statements?

'Cause I'm deep like that ^^ Deep as a puddle, sharp as a sponge.

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