Main Cast


Just your typical, insane, red hair dye using mortal. Also the star of the comic, who has an unnerving way of creating troubles ... usually by being annoying. She carries a wind machine with her to make her hair blow to the side like that, and is particularly unintelligent to the point of idiocy and quick to temper if challenged by a member of the opposite sex. She likes tea, in a very scary way.


Sallie's hunnie, the personification of Death, and usually the only calm head in bad situations, although saying that doesn't mean he's that sane himself... he lives with Sallie for cripes sake Oo;; Rather obsessive about his scythe, whom he calls Betsy and with a fondness for tea


Sallie's younger, though much calmer and more intelligent usually, cousin. She takes everything in her stride, unless there's a handsome face to distract her and tries not to get swept along in the insanity that follows Sallie... Sadly she has no willpower and usually ends up going along with it.

Lucifer 22101984 AKA Ebil

A minion of hell in the guise of a cat, who appeared suddenly to wreak havoc on the lives of that mortal who were far to happy for the world's good. Apparently he's incredibly evil, but everyone seems to think he's kinda sweet. He has the uncanny ability to remain upright despite his huge eyes and quite enjoys zapping people who annoy him.


Evil is actually known as the most adorable person in the entire comic Oo; He says dude at least once in each sentence and has three green markings which people think are cute (and in case you don't know, they're on his face, chest and left palm.) He doesn't like tea, but has much of a fondness for cakes, and also for taking his clothes off. No one really complains when he does though.

Not so Main Cast

A mysterious online friend of Sallie's and seems to have a huge power that Sallie will do anything if she suggests it.

A friend of Sallie's who snaps (Who wouldn't with Sallie as a friend?) Keen on voodoo and causing Sallie any inconvenience she can.

Xella and Snowhawk
Friends (we assume) of Sallie's whose help she enlisted from another realm to help her in her war keeping the last two cakes in the world from the males.

More characters coming as they appear ^_^

Weirdness Rules! is made in the UK by Sarah "Sallie Drazzi" Reynolds and is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.

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